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Quintessence, Vertically Integrated

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Our Alpacas

The Quintessence's alpacas are the result of more than 25 years of genetic research, improvement and a strict breeding  and nutritional program.

Quintessence is recognized for their perfect conformation and the extreme softness of their fiber. Among the QAI herd we have alpacas with microns as low as 12.8 microns.


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Our Yarns

Our mission has always been to produce top quality alpaca fiber that is processed homogeneously in order to obtain its true luxurious softness.

The Glorious Fibers Mill process only natural fibers and specially our very own alpaca wool with highly ethical principals to protect its purity at 100%.


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Our Fashions

Quintessence was the first in the American Alpaca industry to develop a company dedicated to the production of 100% alpaca fashions.

After 25 years, it continues to be rated among the finest in quality and design.
Quintessence fashions are design to satisfy simple elegance as well as the most discriminating tastes.

We have alpacas registered in all of the top Alpaca associations world wide!

Visit the Quintessence World

A Unique Experience!


We invite you to come and experience our Tour.

INDULGE in the Luxury of Nature!

TOUCH our soft fibers and see why Quintessence Alpacas is known as "The Soft Secret of Chile"TM

DISCOVER  this beautiful animal in all its colors and learn why we consider Alpacas, the livestock of the XXI Century.

ENJOY a broad selection of exclusive creations and hand made art crafts that successfully portrait the patrimony and spirit of the Andean culture; which is the World of Alpaca.

The Wonderful World of Quintessence Alpacas!

La Estancilla Parcela 14 (Casilla 73)

Llay Llay V. Regiòn Chile

M-F: by appointment only: 10:00 a 12:30 / 14:30 a 17:00

Sat: by appointment only: 10:00 a 13:30

Sun: Closed

Cel: +56 9 329 89 291

Group and School tours also available!

Why do we breed Alpacas?

Alpacas are ecological and gentle to the environment where they reside. They're small, intelligent, and friendly.

They consume small quantities of water and food (about 75% less of what a cow or horse consumes in a day.)

The hooves are soft with cushions which allow them to walk any terrain without causing damage to the grounds. Alpacas never over graze.

They are easily adaptable to different environments and terrains.

Alpaca's wool (fiber) is  free of oils like lanolin. Immediately after being shorned, can be washed with natural soaps and process without the use of any chemicals. With it’s more than 32 natural tones, the alpaca fiber offers the best alternative against chemical dyes.

Simply we believe that Alpacas are the livestock breed of the future!

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