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About The Huacaya Alpaca



The Huacayas are currently 98% of the alpaca population. This breed is well known for the abundant growth of crimpy fiber on legs, neck, forehead, and side chicks.


The ideal Huacaya alpaca has a squared-off appearance with four strong legs. It is a graceful, well-proportioned animal with the neck and the head being one third of the body size.   It is well covered with fiber from the top of the head, to the toes.  Eyes are black; ears are spear shaped nicely erected and the presence is proud and straight. 


Huacayas are also characterized by their sheep like fleece, which gives them a more robust appearance over the Suri breed.


Generally the Huacaya it is said to be more resistant to diseases and severe climate changes than the Suri. 


A Huacaya fleece should be: fine, dense, uniform, and grow perpendicular to the skin. The Huacaya alpaca should be well covered with a soft, uniform fleece, except on the ears and the bridge of the nose of mature animals. It should have well-defined crimp from head to tail.  There should be very little modulation.


The ideal Huacaya will produce fleece as soft as cashmere with incredible crimp and sheen.     Alpaca fiber is considered one of the finest fibers in the world.  It is also the only one with natural attributes that explain alpaca’s high demand in the international markets. Some of these attributes include great finess 3.7 times superior to lamb wool, handle, thermic, hypoallergenic, fire retardant and over 32 natural colors to choose from.

A Quintessence's


will produce fleece

soft as cashmere with 


crimp and sheen

At Quintessence

we have achieved

super microns

as low as 12.5

in white and

colored alpacas

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