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Quintessence, Exporting Alpacas to the World


Exporting alpacas to more than 25 countries

Breeding and Exporting Alpacas to the World since 1994. 

At Quintessence we have the capacity to export to any location worldwide and to any market, including those with high standards of quality.


Quintessence Alpacas is the only alpaca-breeding Center in Chile with two quarantine stations completely equipped, to allow full control in the entire quarantine process.


The quarantines have capacity to hold two different quarantine processes at the same time.


To date, Quintessence Alpacas is recognized worldwide by experts, partners and customers alike, for its commitment to genetic quality, color diversity and for the supreme finesse the QAI alpacas possess.


Quintessence is proud to state that many of the largest and most successful farms in Europe have started with our genetics.


In the USA our customers are some of the most famous and renowned farms and breeders of the Alpaca industry. Mike Safley of North West Alpacas and Mike Tieney of Maple Brook Farms are among many others.

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Quintessence Export Achievements

Champion Genetics, Finest Fibers, New protocols, New markets, Raising quality standards...


USA - Europe

Quintessence was the first to export from North America a group of top quality alpacas to Europe. This export open the market between both markets. All of the alpacas exported by Quintessence were purchased by some of the top alpaca farms in England, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

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Supreme Poland

Quintessence proudly exported in 2012 the largest export of white high quality alpacas ever to be exported to Europe. Making our client the largest alpaca farm in all Europe with top quality white alpaca genetics!!


Largest Export

On may 2015 Quintessence exported to China a large number of alpacas Suri and Huacaya. Becoming, the largest export of camelids to China in the history of Chile.

Alpaca World Associations

We have alpacas registered in all of the top Alpaca associations world wide.

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