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The Quintessence Seminars.


At Quintessence  we believe the right information regarding a business is crucial to achieve sucess. A well informed breeder can make better decisions that will give them a competitive advantage and profit.  With over 20 years in the business and with the experience that we have achieved from breeding, exporting and handeling over 10,000 alpacas; we have designed seminars to help current and new breeders learn everything there is to know about this unique and profitable business. 


The Ultimate Alpaca Seminar


Are you interested in buying alpacas or learning the most that you can about this beautiful specie? If the answer is YES! Then this seminar is for you. 


The Quintessence S.A invites you to Chile, one of the native origins of the alpaca and where our main operation is located.  We invite you to learn not among 10 or 50 but 2000 beautiful suris and huacaya alpacas of all ages and colors. 


We schedule our seminar during the birthing season so you get the complete experience. 

* Witness births, matings and our shearing process.


* Learn how we take care, maintain and prepare our fiber for the production process.


* Participate hands on our monthly herd management programs. 


* Lean the essentials of nutrition.


* Our set up will give you ideas to plan your fields and barn and we'll give you the technical steps.


* Above all our friendly and dedicated staff will help make your stay comfortable and a non stop learning experience.


* Want top fleece? - we will teach you, hands on the importance of SELECTION!

And to top it all you can witness upclose the process of the alpaca fiber in our own private Glorious Fibres Mill.


There is no other seminar as complete as ours. So e-mail us to arrange your private seminar!




THE ABC’s to a successful alpaca business.


Whether you’re just starting out or you are already a breeder, this seminar will teach you how to select, improve, maintain and market your alpacas effectively to increase faster economic return. Today’s alpaca market is competitive as more breeders come into the industry with new goals and expectations.  Therefore besides a strong marketing plan, the key to success will depend on the quality of alpacas and alpaca fiber that you will be able to offer and produce.


This seminar focuses on giving you the skills necessary to optimize your efforts into higher returns, at any stage of your business.


* We can also offer this seminar in your own premises where we can guide you and improve your current logistics and management routines.



ALPACA Shearing


Learn to shear, store and maintain your fiber the professional way to decrease contamination and waste in the final process.  Also, if you own alpacas and want to take advantage of this opportunity our professional staff will happily shear your animals for a discounted fee.  To schedule shearing please e-mail us at: subject: Alpaca shearing services. 



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